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Personal Heroes Inspire Us All, Who Inspires You?

Most of us are inspired by terrific acts of heroism; those who save lives in the aftermath of a fiery accident or a natural disaster or strive to save our planet from distress. Many of us are inspired by people who make a positive impact in our lives, like that special teacher from elementary school who took extra time to make sure you learned your multiplication tables or the coach who pushed you to keep training when you wanted to quit and that year you placed at the State track meet.

Inspirations and personal heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Some are simple like the sound of baby birds chirping outside your window. Some challenge us like the Raw Cookbook that your sister gave you for Christmas.

One thing’s for certain, heroes inspire us in our everyday lives and touch us in ways we can’t always explain. As a mother now, I find I often think of my personal heroes, people who inspire me to do more, be more, and love more.

Here are a few of the heroes that inspire me everyday:


“My Friend Marion”
My friend Marion helps me out every day since I’ve become a mother. Her instinct, drive, and ingenuity made child rearing quite a bit easier. Marion is not my nanny (I don’t have one), she
is Marion Donovan, the woman who invented the disposable diaper. Not only did she save my life and my daughters tortured rashy little bum from the dreaded cloth diaper experience. Her story also inspired me as a career woman. With little money, and a little skill she persevered and changed the quality of life for many children and their parents. Marion is a prime example of “give them wings and they will fly”. Maybe someday by following her example, I’ll have the opportunity to help women feel beautiful, sexy and comfortable during their pregnancy.
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