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About Maman Jolie



Maman Jolie is a maternity lifestyle brand, and our name’s meaning is French, for Pretty Mother. We create endless possibilities for women who want to embrace their curvy and sexy new silhouettes. Encouraging pregnant mommies and soon-to-bes to show off their baby bumps with confidence and poise, MJ crafts clothes for all occasions and particularly for the multitasking mom. Clever dress-up or -down essentials, thoughtful tailoring, luxurious fabrics, an eye for the most versatile prints, and comfort (above all!) is what defines Maman Jolie. Designed for chic mamans by a stylin’ pregnant momma out of Long Beach, California, Maman Jolie will stick by your side through pregnancy and beyond—and wants to help you make all the postpartum ladies non-preggos covet your style.


Melissa Botten Hickok (Mother and Founder/CEO of Maman Jolie Inc.)