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Yummy DIY Fall Recipes for Kids

By Stephanie Merino

Pumpkin Granola Parfait Recipe

Pumpkin Parfait~
1. Mix pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon, ginger, clove, nutmeg, allspice) into pumpkin puree
2. Layer pumpkin mixture, plain or vanilla yogurt, and granola in parfait glass or mix in bowl
3. EAT! Delicious




PB & Banana French Toast Fall Recipe~

1. Whisk egg w/ a few drops of vanilla

2. Prepare a PB & banana sandwich (PB on both slices of bread w/ banana in middle)

3. Dip in egg mixture

4. Toast on a griddle until both sides are slightly brown
You can also use another kind of nut butter but my kids like PB best


DIY Fall Recipes Baked EggsBaked Eggs (individual portions)~

1. Lightly spray bottom of ramekin w/ cooking spray
2. Sprinkle some grated cheddar cheese on bottom
3. Add layer of crumbled bacon
4. Crack an egg on top – I like to puncture my yolk
5. Add a splash of milk
6. Add a few cherry tomatoes & basil leaves (if you have) OR any other veggie you want to add (spinach?)
7. Top w/ another sprinkle of grated cheese
8. Bake in 375 deg oven until cooked to your liking (10-15 mins?)

All of these recipes are tried and tested to be true by my kids and husband!
P.S.  You can serve any of these delicious recipes with a side of fruit, veggies or whatever you desire!  EAT UP!

Do-it-Yourself Maternity Jeans

Lets face it, unless you have $150+ to spend on an amazing pair of designer Maternity jeans, the thought of getting your growing, curvy midsection into a pair of jeans may seem like a huge bother.  In that case, some expecting Momma’s opt for leggings during their entire pregnancy.  Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that as comfort is key in these stages of your life, however, I’m here to offer you a thrifty, creative, and limitless alternative.  The Maman Jolie DIY Maternity Jean!

The following is a step-by-step DIY on how to create your own maternity jean.  Follow the instructions and demo pictures for a truly amazing experience with your denim and make sure and share this demo with all of your friends!


1. Start with your supplies.  You will need a sewing machine, thread to match your denim, denim sewing needles for your machine(get a few in case they snap on you), a pair of jeans(probably not your tightest pair or favorite one, someday you fit back into those), Two 1ft x 1ft squares of stretch knit(2 or 4 way stretch) that closest matches your denim color, scissors, a seam ripper, thread trimmers, a tape measure, long pins, a chalk marker, and 2 hours of work time.

2. Prep your jeans. Find the side seam on your jeans. Using your tape measure, make a line from the seam and up to the waistband with the chalk. Cut into your jeans starting at the waistband, and continue down the side seam with your seam ripper/scissors(seam ripper is for cleaner edges, if you use a scissor you will have to clean up your edges to make straight lines. Either way, make sure and remove the hanging threads from your side seam separation) approximately 6 inches down from the top of your waistband.Cut

Check measurement of cut

Cut both side seams

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DIY Non-Toxic Home Cleaning Recipes For The Whole Family

I distinctly remember my father telling me as a young girl that the air inside of our home as equally as polluted if not more polluted than outside from chemical cleaners and household products.  My father also insisted that I use natural lotions, soaps and cold remedies.  My father was full of little gems of wisdom, gems that I didn’t appreciate until I had children of my own. I would have loved to use this knowledge during my pregnancies, but what matters most is what I am doing differently now.

I began to research the benefits of making household cleaners, soaps and natural remedies about 3 years ago when my youngest daughter turned two, and since then I have become a DIY maniac.  I’ve often peeled my eyeballs off of the countertop after long nights of experimenting with hand soap consistency.  I was skeptical at first, thinking that making cleaners, lotions and soaps would take too much time, effort and money. (I am a student and a full-time mother of two with a part-time job and a crazy schedule).  I also bought into the hype of commercial cleaning products with natural ingredients, believing that the label meant it was better.  They were not, in fact, they basically placed a sprig of thyme into a bath of deadly chemicals.  To date, since February of this year, I have saved over $200 by making my own products.  I busted through the roadblock and I’m here to tell you that you can do it too!

My family began to think I was insane, and yours may too, when the kitchen became overrun with castile soap, vinegar, orange peels and essential oils.  When my six-year-old grabbed my hand and said; “Ok, mama, I think you need to sit down because you are just making a huge mess for no reason, we can buy more counter stuff”, I decided it was time for an intervention.  I sat my girls down then and there to explain to them why mama was doing this.  Needless to say, I now have two of the prettiest co-chemists a girl could ask for because ALL of the recipes I have used are kid safe.  If you lack the “gentle” words to explain to your babies how unhealthy things are, just take my advice and be searingly honest, trust me, they will understand and appreciate your explanation and will be willing to participate.  That said, if you are an expecting Momma, or have little babies you can just do what you have to do and of course explain it them later when they will really understand and appreciate it.
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