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Girl, Look At That Body

You’re Sexy, Mom-to-Be, and You Know It!

Linda Renee Dress

We are woman, right? We give birth, we nurture, we like people to hear us roar . . . and we like to get our sexy on! But maybe someone has told you that it’s impossible to be cute and expectant (ahem, Mother-in-Law)? Or that you won’t be cute until you get your body back (thanks, supermarket tabloids and your photoshopped post-preggo pics)? Or maybe you just aren’t feeling it lately (hello, third trimester)? Well, in case you missed this point in What to Expect When You’re Expecting, it’s time to for a reality check and a swift kick in your hot pregnant butt. Buy yourself a few sexy dresses that showoff that bump, put some color in your hair, put on some gloss, and pull out those cute shoes because believe it or not, not only are you sexy right now (some even say at your sexiest)—but  feeling sexy is important for you and your baby-to-be! Mommies, what do you do, or what types of indulgences make you feel sexy?  I want to hear straight from the horse’s mouth!

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