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Do-it-Yourself Maternity Jeans

Lets face it, unless you have $150+ to spend on an amazing pair of designer Maternity jeans, the thought of getting your growing, curvy midsection into a pair of jeans may seem like a huge bother.  In that case, some expecting Momma’s opt for leggings during their entire pregnancy.  Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that as comfort is key in these stages of your life, however, I’m here to offer you a thrifty, creative, and limitless alternative.  The Maman Jolie DIY Maternity Jean!

The following is a step-by-step DIY on how to create your own maternity jean.  Follow the instructions and demo pictures for a truly amazing experience with your denim and make sure and share this demo with all of your friends!


1. Start with your supplies.  You will need a sewing machine, thread to match your denim, denim sewing needles for your machine(get a few in case they snap on you), a pair of jeans(probably not your tightest pair or favorite one, someday you fit back into those), Two 1ft x 1ft squares of stretch knit(2 or 4 way stretch) that closest matches your denim color, scissors, a seam ripper, thread trimmers, a tape measure, long pins, a chalk marker, and 2 hours of work time.

2. Prep your jeans. Find the side seam on your jeans. Using your tape measure, make a line from the seam and up to the waistband with the chalk. Cut into your jeans starting at the waistband, and continue down the side seam with your seam ripper/scissors(seam ripper is for cleaner edges, if you use a scissor you will have to clean up your edges to make straight lines. Either way, make sure and remove the hanging threads from your side seam separation) approximately 6 inches down from the top of your waistband.Cut

Check measurement of cut

Cut both side seams

3. Prep your knit panels.  Measure, prep and cut your knit panels.  Began by folding your squares in half, paying mind to which way your fabric stretches (you will want your panels to be placed vertically down the fabric so the stretch is at the top and bottom of your pieces. Measure out your pieces with your tape measure and chalk.  Dimensions should be approx.  8 in X 2⅝ in X 5¼ in X 9 in (see pictures below 5-8)  Make sure on your panel, that the 5 ¼ in side has the stretch in it, unless you’ve chosen a 4-way stretch knit you will not need to worry about this (refer to pic 9 see picture below).  * This is very important, as you will need your fabric to stretch horizontally along your waistband.

Measure knit (5.8)



Cut your panels accordingly, follow chalk marks.  You may cut all 4 at the same time or do it 2 pieces at a time.  You will have 2 identical pieces on the face(front) of your fabric and 2 identical pieces on the backside of your fabric.


Horizontal stretch

4. Pin and sew your top seam of panel.  Take 2 of your opposite panels, and sew the 5¼ in seams together, touching the face sides together (see picture 12).  If you have the stretch stitch option on your machine, turn your dial to that setting.  Otherwise, set at 2 X 3 length/width.  Start with a single needle stitch along the edge, then follow with a cross stitch(X) along the edges to finish the stitch.  *Remember this process, and follow it for the rest of the sewing steps on your maternity jeans.  We realize that most of you do not have industrial machines at your homes, so this DIY is the best basic and beginners tutorial to creating your desired jean.
Flip your panel inside out to create one long piece with the seam in the middle.
Repeat step 4 for the other panel set.

Sew top sides together

Sew seam

5.  Pin down your sewn panel to the open denim side seams. (one side at a time)
Pin the panel, inside-out(face showing), to the side seam of your jean.  Make sure you have a flattened surface, with no bumps and that edges are straight and match up evenly. * pin down all of the sides.

Pin down panel

Flip over panel to check your edges and make sure they line up with your waistband as best as you can)

Pin up the bottom flap that hangs past the end of your cut line, should be approx 1 ½ in.  Sew that flap down so the seam matches the end of your side seam split point.  (See picture 16)

Pin down & flip panel

6. Sew your panel onto the open side seam of your denim.
Follow the same sewing instructions described above in Step 4. Follow the seam all the way to the bottom edge.  Sew over the bottom flap edge after you have done one of your side seams.


Flip your panel over and check out your brilliant work!

Then repeat the same thing and do the other side seam.
Now, check out your work!  You have completed one finished panel. Great job!


7. Repeat Steps 4-6.  Next, follow the same pattern for the other side of your jean.








8.  Congratulations!  Admire your new Custom, Self-Made Maternity Jeans!We hope you enjoyed your Maman Jolie DIY Maternity Jean tutorial!  Now, you can make as many jeans as you need through your pregnancies, without having to suffer through pouchy, non-flattering jeans or spend a whole lot of money either.  If you wish to have us make a pair of custom Maternity jeans, just for you, please inquire:  We would be happy to assist you.



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  1. Shannon #

    Thank you thank you thank you!! I picked up some clearance jeans and shorts today to do these with, since I already have the stretch material at home. Thank you so much for the tutorial!!

    March 31, 2017

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