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Girl, Look At That Body

You’re Sexy, Mom-to-Be, and You Know It!

Linda Renee Dress

We are woman, right? We give birth, we nurture, we like people to hear us roar . . . and we like to get our sexy on! But maybe someone has told you that it’s impossible to be cute and expectant (ahem, Mother-in-Law)? Or that you won’t be cute until you get your body back (thanks, supermarket tabloids and your photoshopped post-preggo pics)? Or maybe you just aren’t feeling it lately (hello, third trimester)? Well, in case you missed this point in What to Expect When You’re Expecting, it’s time to for a reality check and a swift kick in your hot pregnant butt. Buy yourself a few sexy dresses that showoff that bump, put some color in your hair, put on some gloss, and pull out those cute shoes because believe it or not, not only are you sexy right now (some even say at your sexiest)—but  feeling sexy is important for you and your baby-to-be! Mommies, what do you do, or what types of indulgences make you feel sexy?  I want to hear straight from the horse’s mouth!

Why is it so important to do whatever brings your sexy back when your body isn’t all your own anymore? Because our stress level is all tied up in our self-image. Ever notice how much worse a bad day is when what’s in the mirror doesn’t jive? And nothing is worse for a growing baby than a stressed mother. Absolutely Nothing. Treating your outside nice is a shortcut to making yourself feel good on the inside. Because let’s face it, although we wish it were so, it’s not humanly possible to do yoga for 24 hours straight.

I’m sure you’ve got a couple get-sexy tricks up your sleeve, but for a happier you (and thus a happier baby) I’m humbly submitting my own top five, no-fail picks for feeling glam. Most of these work whether you’re pregnant or not, but if the last time you thought of your legs was less about getting psyched to show them off than to worry about how to cover up varicose veins and swollen feet . . . (yup, I’ve been there), you could use a simple sex-it-up plan of attack. So with a little extra dose of consideration for Les Mamans, here’s to your inner sex goddess and whatever brings her out. You still got it, baby!

Maman Jolie’s Top 5 Get Sexy Now Picks


*DIY Perfume: Generally speaking, I love a beautiful fragrance. But I didn’t use perfume at all when I was pregnant. I had a huge aversion to it, and I couldn’t even be around people that were wearing it. Yet even though the thought of perfume made my stomach turn, I still wanted to smell yummy! My solution? Herbs! Homemade perfume makes for a fun DIY project (here’s how). Plus it’s cheap, you get to be the creative genius, and as an added bonus: herbs have many benefits besides giving your natural scent a little boost! Think honeysuckle (which has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries as a detoxifier) or lavender (touted for its soothing properties) – the list goes on! Post a comment and let me know what types you try and if it was a success!

*Maman Jolie Linda Renee Dress: Shameless plug aside, I designed this dress for the mom who has to do it all (like, say, work a 10-hour day and then come home to make dinner and then glam it up for date night). Linda Renee is named for my mom, and that kind of Superwoman multitasking was her to a T. For the night-out portion of your busy day, try this dress with some strappy sandals, a bunch of bangles, or even some bling! The best part about Linda Renee: it combines all the elements that make the best, universally flattering non-maternity dresses work: a pretty bateau neckline, slimming side-shirring, and breathable fabric that stays put. You don’t have to be a multitasker, all you have to remember is to Go With Your Glow!

* Tunics:  Maman Jolie offers a sexy, roomy, and lightweight tunic in a couple colors, that are perfect when paired with leggings for the first trimester and after birth. Sexy ’cuz it leaves a little to the imagination, and the drapey sleeves and fitted waist for lovely comfort.  If you are looking for a little more sass, color and funky prints, try a bohemian print or geo-metric look.  It will make you feel like the queen of Cannes.  Anthropologie is a great resource.

* Milena Candles: Because these gorgeous candles are made from soy, you can use the hot wax as a moisturizer while the candle is burning. It not only (surprisingly!) makes the softest, ungreasiest, and loveliest-smelling moisturizer, but dripping hot wax on my legs makes me feel like I’m the hot chick in a music video.

*Haute Shoes That Don’t Hurt: I never feel sexy when my feet hurt, but I live for cute shoes. If you’re preggo in winter, a pair of UGG boots is a must, and they come in so many different styles beyond the basic.  They even come in a style now called the Fluffie and whether it’s summer or not in SoCal, leather sandals are super chic. These flats from TOMS, are delightful, will last forever, stretch and still retain their shape over time. In my humble opinion, because you won’t have to replace your shoes so frequently, leather and burlap are very eco-friendly materials.  Plus Toms gives back “With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to child in need. ONE FOR ONE,  how cool is that?!

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