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Personal Heroes Inspire Us All, Who Inspires You?

Photography by Sarah Gless

Most of us are inspired by terrific acts of heroism; those who save lives in the aftermath of a fiery accident or a natural disaster or strive to save our planet from distress. Many of us are inspired by people who make a positive impact in our lives, like that special teacher from elementary school who took extra time to make sure you learned your multiplication tables or the coach who pushed you to keep training when you wanted to quit and that year you placed at the State track meet.

Inspirations and personal heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Some are simple like the sound of baby birds chirping outside your window. Some challenge us like the Raw Cookbook that your sister gave you for Christmas.

One thing’s for certain, heroes inspire us in our everyday lives and touch us in ways we can’t always explain. As a mother now, I find I often think of my personal heroes, people who inspire me to do more, be more, and love more.

Here are a few of the heroes that inspire me everyday:


“My Friend Marion”
My friend Marion helps me out every day since I’ve become a mother. Her instinct, drive, and ingenuity made child rearing quite a bit easier. Marion is not my nanny (I don’t have one), she
is Marion Donovan, the woman who invented the disposable diaper. Not only did she save my life and my daughters tortured rashy little bum from the dreaded cloth diaper experience. Her story also inspired me as a career woman. With little money, and a little skill she persevered and changed the quality of life for many children and their parents. Marion is a prime example of “give them wings and they will fly”. Maybe someday by following her example, I’ll have the opportunity to help women feel beautiful, sexy and comfortable during their pregnancy.

My Mother Linda Renee

My late mother, Linda Renee, moulded me into the wife, mother, and fashionable career woman I am today. She nurtured me and my siblings with a courageous heart of gold, compassion, and a vast wisdom that was beyond her years. Everyday I attempt to emulate the balance she mastered being a confident and successful provider as well as a loving mother and wife. She conducted her life with flare and always looked her best no matter where she was. She taught me how to be a lady and look sexy while remaining classy. She was the inspiration behind the Linda Renee Dress in my collection. It is beautiful, ultra classy, clean and simple, while accentuating all the right parts of a soon-to-be mother. Like my mom, this dress is a classic head turner.

My Daughter Linda Elle

The final and most inspirational hero in my world is my little girl, Linda Elle. She’s the apple of my eye and an incredibly spirited little lady.  She’s the essence of delight, an angel on this earth and my co-captain in life. She completes me and motivates me to enjoy life to its fullest.  It’s not often we see a 20 month old stop to smell the roses.  She inherited that trait from her late Great Grandfather, Poppy. Grandfather, made it a point to tell Grandma that she was beautiful and loved everyday. Seeing my daughter instinctively “stop and smell the roses” reminds me of the people I love, and how life is short so enjoy the little things like snow falling on a crisp winter morning.


Linda Elle’s first experience with snowfall came this year when we returned to my hometown of Bozeman, MT to organize our 1st Annual Fashion Fights for a Cure Benefit Fashion Show. Growing up in Bozeman I learned to loathe snow but watching her experience snow for the first time reminded me of my childhood when I still loved to be outside enjoying the snowflakes as they fell on my mittens.

She even braved the head cold she got the second day we were there like a CHAMP. She miraculously managed to smile everyday and wanted nothing more than to stack her blocks and run outside in the snow. I can’t help but think how many times I felt sick on a trip and how I allowed that to spoil my vacation. Linda, my joy, only took it in stride.

I often catch myself daydreaming when gazing at my little girl while she role plays with her blocks, her alltime favorite time lapse. She can literally stack and re-stack for hours, and from time to time she’ll run over and show me what she built even though I was watching the whole time.  I learn my patience from her. In this life we all need a little patience because life doesn’t always stack as planned like her blocks. Sometime we continue to stack our blocks for weeks before our structure stays upright.  But we’ll keep patiently stacking until we have a solid structure to present to the world.

As I look around my house in reflection, I see many versions of myself in my daughter.  Sometimes it’s a darn right DeJa Vu of my own childhood. I see myself in the way she looks at life, the things she says, and her facial expressions. Her joy when she plays, dribbling soccer balls with her Daddy, laughing and dancing hard core moves to YoGabba Gabba’s I Like to Dance. In my days it was Fraggle Rock.

I’m so inspired by her passion, her rhythm and her hair! How does it look exactly the same every morning? Slightly tousled in a perfect cylinder down her back, without a brush or product. She also has the best looking natural highlights that would cost us a few hundred bucks to replicate. I guess even at a young age, a little one can teach us to Go With Your Glow!

So here is some parting advice I learned from the mouths of babes. Don’t hurry down the road of life, cutting off fellow travelers just to meet them at the next traffic light. Slow Down, take deep breaths, relax, stop for a moment to recognize you’re not winning any races, you’re just missing the beautiful scenery around you. We all need to enjoy a little more time to breathe and ponder. Find what catches our wonder, snowflakes falling on your face for the first time, the scent of fresh cut grass, birds chirping, a mother’s soothing voice, and the memory of a loved one.

Let me know who inspires you. Who is your hero ? What makes your heart sing?


*B&W Photograph of Linda Elle by Sarah Gless


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  1. I love this article! I can see how much your daughter inspires you and with a smile like that I can’t blame you! I love that you designed and named a dress after your late mother. I’m sure she would be honored.

    My personal hero is my grandmother, she is smart, fun, and the most supportive person I have the privilege to call “family”. She is almost 80 years old and still just as vital and vivacious as ever… perhaps even morso now that she isn’t still rearing her own children. She will listen to me yammer on and on and when I think I must have bored her to tears she says something insightful that shows me she was always listening and willing to impart her perspective. I love her very much.

    Thank you for sharing your inspirations and reminding me to stop my day for a few minutes to reflect on someone I care about.


    April 18, 2012
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    July 8, 2012

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