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Recherché Organic Body Care Products

Maman Jolie Maternity is excited to announce that Recherché Organic Body Care Products will be available for purchase starting June 1st 2012. Nurture your growing physique and treat yourself, your family, young ones, and friends with these wonderful organic body care products.

About Recherché Products

The name Recherché is a French word finding its way up the literary ladder from the early 1700s. Its etymological background refers to a very rare item being sought out with care: exotic, of studied refinement and elegance, pertaining to obscure excellence. Now why would one choose to bring back a literary fossil as the precise descriptive wording for a company name? It is because within the boundaries of this era things of want and desire have become so easy to find, easy to substitute with something of subordinate quality for a bargain price. And this word Recherché brings back to life something of the mysteries of what it means to be alive, to have want, to have desire, to seek out. This natural & organic line of body care products has been created to help one tend to the daily litany of total body devotion.
Love yourself, heal yourself, naturally~

Available Products for Purchase:

Click to Purchase Bask Vanilla Rose Organic Bath Salt

Click to Purchase Bask Lavender Herb Organic Bath Salt

Click to Purchase Blueberry Organic Lip Savvy

Click to Purchase Honeysuckle Necatrine Organic Lip Savvy

Click to Purchase Cosican Mint Organic Lip Luster

Click to Purchase Coconut Lemongrass Organic Lip Luster

Click to Purchase Black Currant Rose Organic Body Silk

Click to Purchase Oats Milk and Honey Organic Body Silk