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So, I’ve been keeping a little secret from most of you~

I’m Pregnant and Raising a Toddler!

So some of you may say….”Um are you crazy?”  While others might say, “Been there and done that..good luck, tell me how it goes!” Haha, well I say bring it!

I’m not saying that I’ve got this thing completely covered with no problems, but I am saying that it’s not impossible.  My mother did it, as well as my sister, aunts, mother-in-law, not to mention many of my friends, and Ut umm both my Grandmothers (one of whom even had twins and managed to pull it off!).  Oh yes, and I’m forgetting about the rest of you daring Mommies around the world.  That’s not say that we all planned this, although I’m sure some of you did.  You know who I’m talking about, the Type A’s who knew EXACTLY when your 24 hour window of conception is… ring a bell anyone?  But for me, well, it just happened. One night of loving and now I have One in the Oven.

I remember when I found out I was expecting my little angel Linda Elle, I never thought I could do it without the guidance of my own mother, whom I sadly lost a few years prior to getting pregnant.  But I found out that as mother myself now, I can do many things I never thought I was capable of.  And, even though each day brings so many new challenges to overcome, I’m here to help you by sharing my story.

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I would say that so far, being pregnant and raising a toddler has been challenging.  Not so much the toddler part I’m quite used to that, but the pregnancy part. I’ll admit it, I forgot how uncomfortable being pregnant can be.  Yes you heard me correctly, this maternity expert is admitting that I have issues, and many of them both physical and emotional.

To start we have the obligatory morning sickness that comes at all times of the day… and night. There is nothing worse than wanting to heave 24-7 in 80+ degree weather all while chasing a toddler through the house while she plays hide-and-go-seek with my designer shoes. Has anyone tried to convince a rambunctious toddler not to bounce on your stomach and pull on all your limbs when she decides mommy is her jungle gym all while trying to fight the urge to purge? Fun right? This kind of physical turmoil thankfully only lasts for the first trimester for a % of expecting moms, but the emotional turmoil can last weeks after giving birth.

How about meal and snack time, that’s a fun one.  When my little girl is asking for seaweed strips and cheese for a quick munch, or wants me to cook her chicken & cheesy noodles, and all I can do is hold my breathe to keep from losing my noodles.  Poor little thing, she doesn’t know any different, I am her servant, she is my master, if she asks I deliver, with a “Please Mom?”  I am thankful though that we can share certain snacks, san gag reflex, such as bananas, my nutrition shakes, oyster crackers & water, always plenty of water.

Speaking of water, swim lessons and/or bathtime have become a favorite past time.  I prefer baths because they smell better (the smell of chlorine makes me gag right now), it’s fun and relaxing, she loves it, and we both get clean at the same time!  Although I do rinse her off first before we share the tub to remove as much of the toddler grime as possible. Then we can use the same loofas and bubblebath while she names off her animals to me one by one, as I clap and say, “Right that is a turtle, right!”  She then proceeds to tell me what color they all are.  So far, most of them are green, that’s her favorite color I think, or the first color she learned, because everything is green.

Green plays a significant role in her life right now and also plays a big role in your life as well. My best advice to any mommy going through what I’m going through during this stage in your pregnancy, is to get as much of the 3 GREENS as possible.  Green foods, green living and green in your savings account!

Literally, eat right and try your hardest to get those green nutrients in you and your tots bodies. Eat as much calcium-rich green roughage as you can stand, and then just when you think you can’t take in anymore, have some crackers.  The day I forced myself to eat a few cups of raw organic broccoli, I felt 100x better about an hour later, not kidding!

Along with green foods, be good to mother earth, spend as much time outside participating in eco-friendly activities with your little toddler as you can.  Being outside will make you feel so much better than just laying in bed and watching the tube feeling lousy. If that’s not enough remember that we need lots of vitamin D because it is essential to our health.  Just don’t forget the sunscreen for you and your little one if you are out for more than 10 minutes.

Lastly, the final of the 3 greens, start counting and saving that green if you haven’t already.  A new baby = more money needed for your prenatal care and nutrition. And of course, when your new baby is born the bills will start to add up.  Try this tip: Have your hubby grab newborn diapers each time he has to run to the store. This will help you evenly disperse your money so you don’t have to shell it out right when the baby comes and it will make you feel more prepared while your baby is gestating.  Every little bit helps~

Above all, make sure you try and stay as positive as you can, this stage of pregnancy is not fun for most of us, and chasing around a toddler all day when you feel like you’d rather die, can be very difficult at times.  You will have bad days and you’ll have fantastic days!  Those good days are the ones you will treasure and take to heart.  Bask in their glory, spend as much time with your family as you can and make sure they know you love them … even when your face may be the pale shade of light green.

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