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Hi, We’re Back!

Kisses All Around, Especially You. Hi, we’re back!

Nothin' but LOVE, no matter what you say.

Nothin’ but LOVE LOVE LOVE no matter what you say.

That’s the answer to survival in our World that’s constantly changing, being challenged, pushing-pulling, kissing, laughing, crying, screaming and evolving right before our eyes.  Who has all the answers on a daily? Not me, but most days are better than some, and many people come to me for help.  I am a Mommy and I have become a Mentor, it’s a fantastic feeling being wanted, needed and loved. That is progress, and if you can remember these simple facts, you are indeed working towards getting out of your own way!

Life has evolved quite a bit since I last wrote on my blog, we have moved past the days & nights, working 8-6, not including actual traffic drivetime and the mere exhaustion from being on my feet 13hrs a day in heels.  I couldn’t hang settling with that lifestyle, and having my kids being raised during my custody time by their Nanny, whom I love , adore & is Grandma to my baby girls. She’s been watching Skye since age 3months or so when I went back to work, pumping breastmilk in the closet at my fancy fashion job. I’m so grateful for her and that job, they both holistically changed our lives forever. Lupe cared for and loved my children like her own, fed me hot soup after a long day, and my job kept my wallet full and my closet full of haute couture.

During these fun times though I yearned for my kids, I love them so much and didn’t get to see them as much as any Mommy should. I was sharing the common fight of having to SHARE my kids, it’s so hard to do and it really sucks. Feeling depressed and sad was like an off & on, while other moments I really enjoyed my freedom, until of course day 4 hit, where at that point I would be physically suffereing withdrawal symptoms from missing my kids. I knew I wouldn’t be working 60hrs a week forever, and I knew that God had a greater plan for me. In the meantime, I found a way to enjoy the free champagne, wardrobe allowance, a loving and kind nanny, and started making a plan… my exit strategy if you will.

I begin to transition my own needs and wants to balance them with those of my girls in search for my purpose, and in search to find passion in whatever I decided to do next for us. Interestingly at this time, I was introduced to a plantbased- health and wellness skincare & nutrition line, by this vibrant little adorable woman named Shea. She was a game changer and I wanted to follow her everywhere and be just like her. She introduced me to a new way of thinking and living, she mentioned the words vegan diaper cream to me and I was all bright-eyed an bushy tailed like I was about to win the people and product lottery. That was my Arbonne girl Shea, I love her dearly and am forever grateful for her never giving up on me. About a year into this new health and wellness discovery, I was able to resign from my Corporate job, and focus on my health with my family, from my home, in my slippers or heels.. depending on the day.

I began to teach and join my community in an effort to better ourselves and eachother through healing our bodies, straight from the source. I became my own testimony and changed my diet and lifestyle, cold turkey.  People begin to notice when you make drastic changes in your life, for me I just seemed healthier, I was happier & nicer to people, I was hosting gatherings at my home, traveling around & meeting people always with such a seemingly effortless smile on my face. I lost my baby weight and started dating again. People asked me, “what’s your secret, what are you on?”

“Ha, I’m on a cleanse,” I would say. For a year I pretty much was on a cleanse like once a month and I don’t mean a diet cleanse, I mean I was constantly cleaning up my body from the inside out mentally, physically, spiritually and of course watching what I eat. This is about the time I went gluten and dairy free, cut most of the sugar out of my diet and late nights with Titos.

I am still on a cleanse, this time for a designated period of time because I want to take notes and report back.  I need this information for my personal growth, studies and for my career. My family and my community look up to me, my friends are supportive and also want to be supported! I share my experiences and stories with my clients, as they need me for their healing and I’m teaching people how to do it for themselves. This is the most rewarding gift I’ve been given since my children.  If you constantly remember to Love,  if all else fails but you still remember that love is the only thing that is real, you will survive no matter what.

It’s not a big deal that it took me two years to write a blog post again. In fact, I have been blogging this whole time on my Instagram and in particular on my professional public Instagram @healinginheels, where I share plant-based recipes, my story, relationship fluctuations and hormone psychosis, sprinkled with quotes of self-love and lots of encouragement for others also on their wellness journeys. See, I have been telling you my story this whole time, but now you have a place to go at Maman Jolie, which means “Pretty Mommy” in French, when you look at the tag less merchandise tag, when buying your fashion yoga products at Yogalution Movement, here in Long Beach, CA.

This is Maman Jolies first store front retail location, how excited are we!! The Ohm signs are selling out the door. There will be more Yogalution products coming soon, you will hear from us ASAP when this happens.

Thank you to the crew over at Yogalution and my dear friend & mentor Dharma, whom I will be studying under starting in 2 weeks, to deepen my practice in a 200hr training program, also earning my yoga teacher certification. I am still studying for my Holistic Nutrition Certification which I will complete right before my yoga graduation.  Drumroll and a new pair of Birkenstocks please!  I’m super excited about this and I feel so blessed to have this opportunity and that my custody time aligns with most of the training.  Thank you to the Father of my children, we are so blessed to have you & without him some of my alternative lifestyle movements and career advancements would not be possible. Much Love!! I’m kind of loving this whole stay at home, working mom, doing exactly what I want to do vibe that’s going on in our home, and I’m humbled to share my experiences during the process.

~The Journey is the Destination~