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Cast that Belly Mama!  A 3rd Trimester MUST-DO

With so many To-Dos, and the endless unfinished projects planned in our busy little minds, who wants to add another task? Well, don’t worry if your mind is fluttering a bit, this is normal, especially when we are expecting a baby.  I am here to help you through the chaos and tell you what is one “MUST-DO” that Mommies can not DO without?  Casting that baby belly, and cast it fast before that baby comes!!  Third trimester belly casting is so fun, so adorable, and so something that you need to do before you birth your baby/s.

I wanted to give my dear friend Nicole a keepsake that she could have forever, something that she could look back on and share with her daughter for many years to come. Although I did not cast her belly(her awesome sister did), I made sure that it was done and ready for me when I arrived to go visit her and little Miss Isabelle Peggy. She had her belly casted around 8.5 months, which is ideal time as the belly is full, round and voluptuous.
Next, I started my decorating process, sanding, buffing, topcoats, embellishments, paper decals, paint details, stencils, stickers, shimmer coat and gloss coat(x3).  I had to make sure I planned for a few hrs each day for about 3-4 days because time between layers/drying is needed for maximum results.

I found that paper, is the best decorating device!  You can buy packets of paper in just about any full service store now…and you can choose your theme/colors of these paper packets as well.  Nicole and I went with a Floral/Animal print theme with color splashes of coral, peaches, turquoise, browns, magenta and shimmer gloss.

I came to visit after baby Issy was born, so I was able to get a little 2 week footprint detail in there, so awesome!!  This is something that you Mamas can add later, don’t worry.  We added the footprint and sticker decals to personalize the baby’s name and date of birth. 

Final steps include checking for imperfections, setting a couple layers of gloss over the inside and outside of the cast, and of course taking pictures.

And we saved the best picture for last!
Mommy and baby girl….

*Always use caution when doing activities while pregnant.  Make sure you have read up on all of the Dos and Don’ts of belly casting.  Have Fun!