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Hail to my 2nd Trimester!  I’m Pregnant and Raising a Toddler

In a nutshell, lets just say that I much prefer my second trimester to my first… and from what I’ve learned, this is a commonly shared feeling by most expecting Moms.  The first 3 months were not-so-great, sick, tired, sick, exhausted, sick, which I don’t recall that time being so difficult when I was pregnant with Linda Elle.  My 2nd pregnancy so far, has been harder on me than my first, probably due to a few variables including the timing of my pregnancy which is the total opposite of my last one, the massive heat wave that has hit SoCal this Summer and is still lingering, and my Toddler who is progressively attached more frequently at my waist. (I wish that I could say hip, but we are both growing very fast!)

Right now I feel fantastic!! I want to conquer the world, one stitch at a time!   It may just be the simple lift of morning sickness and constant tiredness off my shoulders that has been Oh-so-Lovely.  But there is a lot to say for yourself when you can finally get up in the morning with a smile on your face, actually take a shower before 5pm (we’ve all been there) and look in the mirror and like what you see(even if you have to squint a little and cock your head to one side).  I am so happy I finally get to rock my sexy Maman Jolie Maternity clothes, at 19 weeks I wore my Linda Renee in black. However, to accustom to the CRAZY heat this year, I modified my dress to a “late Summer in SoCal” version using stretch Jersey, bleach tie dying, and cut off sleeves to create a cuff instead of long sleeve.  This version will be available next Spring, but you can get a sneak peak on my pregnancy journal for week 19’s picture.

So I say bask in this time Moms, get as much out of your day as you possibly can, spend as much active time playing and laughing with your little ones as your energy is still on an ultra high.  Get your sexy back on while the Gettins’ Good.

Sadly, for most of us this too will come to an end in a few short months when you hit the Big 3rd Trimester, but maybe not.  If I’m blessed like I was the first time, its smooth sailing until the Winter when I give birth, which speaking of, I am eager to start dressing Fall.  Hello!  Cooler weather, please feel free to join us at any time SOON, we have some real sassy Mommy & Me coordinating Fall looks that Linda and I need to sport before the baby comes!

This is the second post of my journey through life being pregnant and raising a toddler. I’ve also been keeping a pregnancy journal. For a fun read click here.

Some of my favorite memories with my 2 yr old have been in the last 5 months, she has gone from a baby to a little person in such a short period of time.  How did this happen so quickly?  Its pure happiness, bliss yet tearful sadness and emotional struggle all at the same time.  I thought they stayed babies forever….Well, technically they do stay that way according to their Mothers, but wow, they grow fast, and once they start they sure don’t stop.  Diapers to a Pink Potty in 2 months..what?!!  Ring a bell anyone?

Thankfully for us, potty training has been a very successful endeavor with all its splendor!  Ok maybe not so much all the time, but for the most part we have been doing great with our “communication” about the urge to go, the rewards that come after, which Linda almost NEVER forgets.  We have gotten used to bringing the little pink potty in the car everywhere we go, along with wipes, extra sets of Hello Kitty or Disney Princess undies and just an overall positive attitude about the process and her progression.  I will say that I am pleasantly surprised how quickly Tots can catch on to this “Big Girl” stuff at such a young age, just as soon as their Moms decide to let go of the control and put a bit of trust into their children… Ut Um…

So no, you do not have to “let go” completely and thats not even possible, I mean really they are toddlers and you have so much time left to learn and grow with your little ones. Although its not crazy to give em’ a little freedom so they can learn from mistakes and start to distinguish their right from wrong actions.  Try baby steps for example let him/her tell you when they have to pee, instead of asking them every 5 minutes, sooner or later they will tell you and from what I observed with my Tot, she was bugged by all the nagging and felt pressured into this new experience.  Also, try communicating with them, instead of instantly making a decision for them. Sometimes I like to give Linda choices for what she wants to eat for breakfast/lunch by asking her and telling her what options she has. ie:  “This is what we are having for lunch_________. Would you like to have___________with _______or ___________?”  They may say something completely different that is not one of the choices, or cry and throw a temper tantrum, but, eventually you’ll find success.  I know I did.  You can use this same question/option exercise for many scenarios such as which book to read, what show to watch together, which clothes to wear in the morning, and whether we should we attend Mommy & Me yoga or go to the park, all the while rocking our awesome Maman Jolie yoga gear. Try it, its fun and a good bonding experience that you can do together.  I’ve been wearing my Zen auumommm…. tank top since the very beginning of my pregnancy, it’s been nice to have my tank grow with me in all the right places.  Here is Linda and I at Huntington Beach pier on her birthday.  We rode bikes all day, and stopped at Rubys for her big Bday lunch!

Speaking of bonding time and things you can do with your toddler while your pregnant, Linda has come to be very interested in a few things that I really enjoy, hmmm maybe because I bring her with me everywhere?  We have a great time shopping, even if we don’t buy anything, imagine that, we just don’t have as much expendable income as we used to.  We also love to do our Butt Bible exercise on DVD, she actually mimics the instructor and squeezes her butt cheeks together, haha!  Cooking and preparing food is a fun way to bond, as Linda Elle feels like she’s helping me and is affirmed when I smile, nod at her and say, “great job stirring!”  We can’t always eat perfectly healthy and organic, but sometimes we just need to eat what’s fun.  Here’s a few ideas from our special guest blogger about involving your kids and raising healthy eaters.


Bluff yoga is one of our favorites, it’s an outdoor, kid friendly yoga experience that I have been involved in for about 5 yrs, perfect for prenatal, postnatal and everything in between.  The 3 of us (Me, Linda and our growing baby in the belly) get to bask in the beauty of yoga outside, under the giant tree that drops nectar on your cheeks when you are taking deep breaths and peering out into the ocean shore.  This is a 5-star experience, and one of my most favorite people in the world leads the weekend classes.

These experiences and special memories are so important for your pregnancy and raising your toddler, it has helped me feel less “guilty” about getting pregnant again while I still had a baby.  Even though it’s pretty much in my head, its still good to know that I am doing my best and being the greatest Mommy I can be, to all my kids, young and to the one on the way.  Above all, make sure you enjoy every second of your 2nd trimester, for all that it offers of love, smiles, happiness, sadness and an occasional tear or two.  This stage of pregnancy is Golden for most of us and an exceptional time for you to catch-up on those unfinished projects and that bonding time that may have been missed the last couple months when you were suffering.  Chasing around a toddler all day is probably more fun now, so go Mommas, Go with your Glow!