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The Bold And The Beautiful

Judy Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

Hi there, Ms. Mom-To-Be, been thinking about what’s on the fashion runways lately? OK, maybe not so much. With all that’s bound to be on your mind, like, say, your birthing plan, packing your hospital bag, decorating the nursery, picking a name . . . the last thing you are probably thinking about right now is high fashion. And maybe you’re also wondering how you can adapt the season’s latest when your wardrobe is limited, and you aren’t even sure what size you’ll be by the season’s end. Not to worry—I gotcha covered. Not only do I have the scoop on what’s new, I’ve got an on-trend, yet totally classic, and completely affordable must-have maternity item for you. The only catch is you’ve got to have confidence—pregnancy, believe it or not, is the time to go for it!

First the fashion news-flash: Prints are in. Post a comment and let me know how you ladies feel about wearing prints and which types are your favorite?  I want to hear from you Moms! In New York, prints have been appearing and reappearing throughout the 2012 shows. Of course, there is a particularly of-the-moment way to wear prints. All over, that is. Like, from head to toe, the same print on your blouse and wide-leg bottoms or on your blazer and your cropped pants. For those who aren’t buying the “this-print-ate-my-outfit” look, the fashion elite suggest sporting a pop of print on one item of clothing at the very least.

And now for the magical maternity wear I promised: Voila—the Judy Wide-Leg Jumpsuit!  The Maman Jolie Maternity Judy Jumpsuit, as I mentioned above, is current yet classic, and at only $70 to $82 for the whole outfit, it is a go-to item you can afford to spring for. Judy will take you to the park, out to dinner, and beyond. That’s because a jumpsuit is comfy, flattering, a little edgy, and a timeless shape all in one (if Lauren Hutton wears it, it is officially timeless). And for the daring mommys-to-be, those mommas who are always the first to sense a change in the sartorial winds, Judy comes in tie-dye!  Tie-dye not only lets you ride the all-over-print trend wave, it ensures your jumpsuit will always be eye-catching and in style. Unlike some of the prints on offer from the design houses, tie-dye is forever and ultra-wearable—check out Proenza Schouler mixing it with suits if you don’t believe me.

I’m a firm believer that pregnancy is your time to showoff, to wear bold color, try large jewelry, don big heels or throw on your flipflops! Your body, like it or not, is already out there (yes, you’re past the point of hiding in frumpy sweatshirts). When you walk into the room and everyone turns to see the beautiful mommy-to-be who is working her pregnancy – well, they might even downright stare at you!

But if you still aren’t sure about this in-your-face-momma thing or if tie-dye is outlawed in your uninspired workplace, you can still rock a Judy Jumpsuit. Judy comes in can’t-fail black, which looks awesome paired with wedges or with the legs tucked into booties in the winter OR with the pant legs rolled up and paired with pumps for a little SoHo style.  The Judy Jumpsuit is also available in white, to which you can add just about anything—layer it with a cardigan for a business lunch, put a sports bra under it for yoga!

And finally, a little icing on the cake: The fashion runways now include pregnant models. For real. The real, non-maternity runways are celebrating the badass beauty of pregnancy. Check out model Alessandra Ambrosio working it (with bright red lips and sky-high heels, no less)—and be inspired, woman!

I wore pumps every once in a while during my pregnancy, but they are NOT for everyone.  How do you feel about heels? Post a comment and let me know.

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